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700R4 Revenger Overdrive Conversion Package 500-700 HP !

Animal Performance Transmissions

  • $ 1,85000
  • Save $ 1,550

700R4 Revenger Overdrive Conversion Kit!

        Choose from 2 different Revenger builds up to 500hp or up to 700hp

700R4 Revenger is Great for Overdrive Conversions in Hot Rods and Muscle Car's or Factory replacements .
This 700R4 was designed for street or offroad car and truck, 2wd or 4x4 applications with engines producing up to 650 hp!
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700R4 Revenger

3.06 Ratio or updated 2.84 ratio

2000 stall lockup converter or Upgrade to High Stall kit.

 700R4 w/Car Case & Installation Kit

12qts of RedLine DEX3 ATF

You can also Upgrade to our Amsoil Synthetic ATF

amsoil ATF

11''x11"x1'' Tru-Cooler Kit

                                                 with screw in lines

700R4 Tru-cool Transmission cooler


If you are in a RUSH or need a transmission sooner we can not help you Sorry.

We focus on quality not quantity this is why we have so much success!

Choose your Stall Speed Converter

12"  2000 Included with kit
700R4 12" Stall Converter
10"  2300-2500 / 2800-3200 upgrade to 10" converter for $250.00
700R4 10" Stall Converter
 10" Converters Come with Anti-Balloon for NOS or Boosted Applications.
Including Conversion Kit Items:
  • Locking stick,fill tube
  • Universal OEM Style locking Throttle Cable
  • Universal Mount 3 hole
  • Universal Plastic Dust Cover, Bolts
  • Converter Bolts
  • All Pre-Installed on Transmission
  •   700R4 Revenger


Animal Performance Features:
  • Coan Racing & Sonnax and Superior Products
  • Constant Pressure Front pump with Large Valves, Springs
  • Improved Line Pressure ,Converter Flow and Lubrication 
  • 700R4 Revenger pump
  • 700R4 Revenger pump internals
  • New 10 vane Hardened Pump Rotor,Rings and Slide and vanes 
  • 700R4 Revenger hardened pump stator
  • New Stator Support 
  • 700R4 Revenger Coan Racing input drum
  • Input Drum Reinforcing Billet support ring w/ new piston 
  • 700R4 Frictions
  • Hi-Energy Frictions ,Steels
  • 700R4 Revenger 3-4 clutch pack
  • Upgraded 3-4 pack (7) Hi-Energy frictions 
  • High Performance Wide Pro Series band provide greater torque capacity and more positive band apply.
  • 700R4 Revenger wide band
  • Corvette 1-2 servo
  • Superior Billet 4th servo
  • 700R4 Revenger superior billet 4th servo
  • HD Sun shell with heat treated splines
  • 700R4 Sunshell
  • GM 4 pin planets w/ Wide ring gears
  • You can now update this package to the new 2.84 ratio which makes 1st gear longer and less RPM drop when shifting into 2nd gear.
  • 700R4 Revenger 4 pin planet
  • New Bushing Kit with 2 Wide Gear train Bushings for more support , less failures 
  • 700R4 revenger bushings
  • 4th Gear Internal Lockup 1 wire Design no lockup kit needed just supply 12 volt key on source and away you go !
  • 700R4 Revenger one wire lock up
  • Chrome ribbed pan  
  • 700R4 Revenger chrome pan
  • Controlling The Revenger ! 
Option 1 :
700R4 Revenger valvebody
  Animal's Constant Pressure Mod to Valve body and Pump!
This modification is how 700r4 should have been designed from the start!
This feature eliminates the Fear of miss adjusted TV Cables Burning up your Transmission.
It separates line pressure ports from TV ports letting the cable only adjust shift points.
Yes it still has to be connected and adjusted to get the correct shift points.

It Always Maintains Proper Line Pressure!
150lb + @ Idle
220-250lb above Idle
Available Shift Feel Levels
light throttle to WOT
1 = Mild to Firm 
2 = Firm to Hard ! 
3 = Very Hard Tire Burning neck jerking Shifts!
Option 2:  FULL Manual Forward Pattern  $250.00 upgrade
No TV cable used on full manual vb
We can do a custom photo shoot of your build and post it on our socials if you wish
we love to prove what products we use and the condition of everything during the build process .
we will include any photos you send in of your ride .
Check our main site or facebook for proof !

This is an Animal you can count on with 35+ years experience building your transmission!

Straight to your Business or Residence or In some cases You may have to pick it up at the nearest Terminal to you!

700R4 Revenger

Submit Your Address Before Purchasing to check for any shipping charges .

Worldwide Shipping Available ask for Quote !

1 Year Warranty on Transmission only.

2 Year Warranty on Trans, Converter

In the event of a warranty Buyer pays 100% Return Shipping!

We have had no Warranty issues to date .
so In the event of a warranty the Buyer pays 100% Return Shipping !
Once your transmission arrives we will inspect it and repair or rebuild it and ship it back to you at No charge for Free Delivery Areas only . 
 We will call and advise you if we find any Issues that could have caused the failure like Converter installation clearances Issues and advise you how to correct it so it wont ever happen again.
If you are not sure how to check this clearance PLEASE ask us before Installing! 
Feel Free to contact us for more tech info or details or changes you want made .

Unleash The Animal In Your Ride Today!



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