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4L60E Revenger Transmission 650 HP !

Animal Performance Transmissions INC

  • $ 1,75000
  • Save $ 1,000

 4L60E Revenger 650HP 

Available from 1993 to 1998 with 1 piece case or 1996 to 2004 with 6 bolt removable bell housing- See Picture
If your car or truck uses the top bolt hole and has a total of 7 bell bolt locations you need a 4L65E/70E
Note : 2 pc 4l60e have a 6.5" bell housing debth.
4l65/70E have a 7" bell housing debth. 

This Animal 4L60E  was designed for the street or strip car or truck  2wd  or 4x4 applications with engines producing up to 650 hp .


If you are in a RUSH or need a transmission now we can not help you Sorry.

We focus on quality not quantity this is why we have so much success!

We do NOT rush things out or skip other orders ahead of you. 

New input drum upgrade available on all 700r4/4L60 builds the 4L79 Drum custom built for Animal Performance with our logo on it.

RIGIDITY   RIGIDITY   RIGIDITY   –   its only part of what you get, the icing on the cake is the massive amount of new clutch surface area.

Starting with a bottom pressure plate thats been laser cut from a rigid material and then machined for fitment and to maximize clutch stack up height.

From there we machine the input housing to allow the use of custom larger outside diameter steels. Machining of the drum also consist of milling the top flat to again achieve more clutch stack up height, then threading the outside of the drum.

A top pressure plate / drum cap is machined from 6061 aluminum billets, machined  threaded and profiled to match the drum. The aluminum helps shed the dreaded heat  from the 3-4 clutch better than the other steel versions.

The Oem inner clutch hub / ring gear is then machined to match the internal tooth profile of th350 forward / direct friction clutches.

Using our custom steels and supplied Alto red frictions we’ve increased the outside diameter of the friction as well as shrunken the inside diameter creating a 3-4 clutch pack that now has  211%  more friction surface area over a stock 4l60e – all while not having paper thin steels.  Not only does it have that much more friction surface area, but that much more steel surface area as well, further aiding in heat dissipation. The wider based frictions and steels along with the wider, rigid bottom plate and billet top cap prevent all the bowing and coning weve all seen for so many years.

The billet end cap is threaded to the drum tying both drum and cap together making the pressure plate surface and drum rigid, eliminating the bowing and coning. If you choose to reinstall load release springs, provided are 5 new recalibrated load release springs and pins special to this clutch setup.

The threaded cap is locked into place to prevent spinoff using 5 set screws. By making the end cap aluminum, it transfers the heat from the top of the clutch pack into the billet cap and then into the input housing itself shedding the heat.

APT Performance Features:


  • Coan Racing / Sonnax / Superior Product
  • Resurfaced pump with Larger Valves for Improved Converter Flow , Pressure & Volume
  • Hardened Pump Rotor and Rings , Slide / vanes 
  • New Stator support
  • 4L60E Pump
  • Super Input Drum W/ Reinforcing Billet steel support ring w/ piston   650hp !                
  • 4L60E Input drum
  • New Frictions ,New Steels  2 coast 5 forwards 7 3-4 Directs/Overdrive , 5 L/R
  • New Teflon Bushing kit  
  • 4L60E Frictions
  • Upgrades 3-4 Clutch Pack 
  • 4L60E 3-4 Clutch Pack
  • Performance Wide band provide greater torque capacity and more positive band apply. 4L60E Band
  • Corvette 1-2 servo & Billet 4th servo 
  • 4L60E Corvette servo
  • Heavy Duty Sun shell 
  • 4L60E Sunshell
  • GM 4 pin planets w/ Wide ring gears  we wont use that junk Aftermarket Brand 5 pin that fails !
  • Upgrade to 2.84 6 pinion gear set it includes sonnax smart sun shell bearing design with front bearing design hub.
  • gm 5 pin upgrade below
  • All new electronics sol,harness 
  • Automatic / Manual  Animal Performance reprogrammed Valve Body (Eliminates) 1870 TCC Slip Codes 
  • automatic or full manual valvebody choose up top 

    • Option 1 Automatic Shifts Automatic/Manual control shifts with lockup style torque converter.  Requires factory transmission computer or aftermarket transmission controller to control transmission . 
    • Option 2 Full Manual Control Only Forward Pattern Manual shifts only and NoN Lockup torque converters only!  No Electronics required to control this transmission!
    Both are Available in your choice of 3 Different shift Firmness 
    1 = Smooth to Firm
    2 = Firm to Hard
    3 = Tire Burning / Neck Jerking Shifts :)
  • factory or chrome steel pan depending on year. 
  • 4L60E Chrome Pan


We prove to our customers what products we use with a step by step Photo shoot of each performance Build we do by request you can send in photos of your ride and we will include them in the shoot and post them on our main site and Socials.
4L80E Build below
4L60E Internals

This is an Animal you can count on with 30 years experience building your transmission!

Straight to your Business or Residence.

 In some cases you may have to pick it up at the nearest terminal to you !

Worldwide Shipping Available ask for Quote !

1 Year Warranty on Transmission only.
2 Year Warranty on Trans, Converter

In the event of a warranty buyer pays 100% return shipping !

Sometimes SHIFT Happends In the event of a warranty the Buyer pays 100% Return Shipping !
Once your transmission arrives we will inspect it and repair or rebuild it and ship it back to you at No charge for Free Delivery Areas only . 
We will call and advise you if we find any Converter installation clearances Issues and advise you how to correct it so it wont ever happend again.  

With 30 + Years Experience you can trust us to do it Correct the first time !

Feel Free to contact us for more tech info or details or changes you want made .

Unleash The Animal In Your Ride Today!


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