4L80 Dominator 1500+HP! Racing Transmission



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4L80 Dominator w/ billet Transbrake 1500+ HP Transmission


If you are in a RUSH or need a transmission now we can not help you Sorry.

We focus on quality not quantity this is why we have so much success!

APT  features:  The best of everything we can find !

  • Modified & Updated Super Pump


  • New Coan Racing 300mm Billet Super Input Shaft and Billet Intermediate Shaft to handle the power !


  • New Coan Racing Billet clutch hubs Forward & Direct  
  • New Coan Racing  Billet direct & Intermediate clutch pressure plates  

  • New 36 Element Steel SUPER DRUM  Kit 


Heavy Duty 2.48-1.48 Straight cuts

  • Upgrade to Super Planet Set Straight Cuts !
  • Custom ratios available see drop down

  • New Performance Racing clutch & Kolene steel kit  
  • New Performance gasket and seal kit  
  • New Performance Racing Kevlar bands
  • New Updated bushing Kit with special case bushing and Roller Bearings 
  • New Selective thrust washer kit 
  • New Filter
    • Factory Case , Tail W/ Aluminum Pan Requires SFI Approved Sheild .
Note : 4L80 has NO mechanical speedo to connect a speed O meter cable to so you will have to use electronic speed sensor provided for the output signal .
Note custom ratios provide NO speed signal for speed sensor.

To control the 4L80E Dominator

Billet Full Manual Reverse with grinder TransBrake!

Now available in automatic shift vb with Ross-lock Transbrake!


New Billet 4L80 Transbrake Valve Body modifies your transmission into a full manual shift, reverse pattern with an impressive Pro Tree Grinder transbrake feature.

Non lockup converters is prefered for best transbrake operation and converter clutch life . It can also retains torque converter clutch engagement in 3-4 gear and still allows lockup in lower engine rpm.

Best of all this new billet valve body does not require the use of an aftermarket transmission controller or deep transmission pan to facilitate operation of the 4L80E transmission.

This new transbrake valve body achieves maximum torque converter stall and quicker reaction times. This is due to the transbrake action which prevents an engine’s torque load from being transmitted through the drive train prior to the launch.

Once the transbrake is released, the power is transmitted immediately to the rear tires in much the same manner as a manual clutch but with the parts saving advantage of the torque converter’s shock a

Need a Torque Converter ?


We have many to choose from if you need a custom built converter contact us. 

 In our Converter Section you can choose from several different stall speeds and anti-balloon add ons for Boosted Applications .

Straight to your Business or Residence 

In some cases You may have to pick it up at the nearest terminal to you for remote areas

You can submit Your zip code to check on delivery in advance

Worldwide Shipping Available ask for Quote !

Product Warranty  

Dominator Series only 

6 Months Warranty

Max hp rating is 1-2-3 gears overdrive has lower limits.

Sometimes SHIz Happens In the event of a warranty the Buyer pays 100% Return Shipping !

Once your transmission arrives we will inspect it and repair or rebuild it and ship it back to you at No charge for Free Delivery Areas only .
We will call and advise you if we find any Converter installation clearances Issues and advise you how to correct it so it wont ever happen again.

With 35 + Years Experience you can trust us to do it Correct the first time !

Unleash The Animal In Your Ride Today!

Feel Free to Call or Email us with any questions you may have 



Additional information

Weight 200 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 24 × 25 in
Valvebody Type

Billet reverse full manual with Transbrake

Gear Ratio

Factory 2.48-1.48-1.00

Reid Case Upgrade

No – Factory Case


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