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Animal's Revenger Builds GM Ford Mopar

What is a Revenger Build?

Our Revenger series builds is our most affordable True Hi-Performance Transmission with real modifications to improve shifting & durability in a factory or hi-performance vehicle ratings up to 800hp.

Revenger gets revenge on all those bogus over priced near stock transmissions with so many failures on the market today. 

Dont get fooled by those over priced big named companies that have so many transmission failures.

Before you purchase search google for bad or negative feedback Not good feedback some companies pay you or offer a discount for you to say something good about them before they even build the transmission.

This will never happen at Animal Performance Transmissions we have true feedback after our transmission was installed and tested. 

Its simple choose a family owned and operated business with over 35+ years experience in the automatic transmission Industry.

Animal Performance Transmissions Inc.